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Disaster Recovery Housing Assistance Fund


In response to the devastating wildfires that overtook Butte County on the morning of November 8, 2018, the Community Action Agency of Butte County, Inc. (CAABCI) responded to community need by creating the Disaster Relief Housing Assistance Fund (DRHA). Thanks to some amazing funders, our agency is able to provide rental, deposit and relocation assistance to those immediately affected by the wildfires in Butte County.

The Disaster Relief Housing Assistance Fund will provide:

  • Short term (up to three months) of rental assistance per household, have to reapply per month with up to date verifications.
  • One time security deposit assistance (within set limits) per household.
  • Relocation assistance (Vary client to client on amount qualified).

Rental assistance can be used for room rental, apartment or home rent, RV or mobile home park rentals. Case managers will work with clients to determine the monetary need up to the limits that have been established by the fund.

Rental/Deposit Eligibility:

  • Households who lost their housing and/or source of income due to the fire;
  • Low income families with children (fire related);
  • Households for both not eligible and eligible FEMA applicants
  • Households must have filled out initial intake form either in person or over the phone with disaster relief staff member to verify eligibility.
  • Published Federal Poverty Levels will be used to determine low income eligibility.

Relocation Eligibility:

  • Applicant has not already received relocation assistance from other governmental or non-governmental agency;
  • The relocation expenses were/will be incurred between November 8, 2018 – March 31, 2019;
  • Published Federal Poverty Levels will be used to determine low income eligibility.

Relocation Eligible Costs:

  • $4,000: Total allowable relocation costs;
  • Travel costs including airfare, train, bus and/or a rental vehicle;
  • Furniture transportation expenses, including commercially rented equipment for hauling and commercially purchased moving materials for moving services including cost of liability insurance and taxes;
  • Mileage, gas and taxes incurred while using commercially rented equipment;
  • Lodging costs if the distance between the current residence and the new residence is more than 400 miles.


DRHA Income Guidelines - # of persons in household/max annual income
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
$12,490 $16,910 $21,330 $25,750 $30,170 $34,590 $39,010 $43,430


If you meet the eligibility requirements, you are invited to ask questions: E-mail: or call 530-712-2600