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Transitional Housing Program for Families with Children

The Esplanade House is a transitional housing program designed to provide shelter and essential services for homeless families. The facility houses up to 60 families who live in apartments. The facility was completed in 2004 through the combined efforts of the Agency, the City of Chico, the Esplanade House Children’s Fund, the State of California, the Federal Home Loan Bank and many private donations.

The program offers comprehensive case management, and supportive services to families with children. The program provides clients with the necessary tools to become self-sufficient so the risk of future homelessness is greatly reduced.

Prior to entering the Esplanade House, families meet with Esplanade House staff, including a trained caseworker, who assess their circumstances and determine whether they can potentially benefit from an association with Esplanade House. As a condition of entrance they agree to undertake a regime of help which includes any or all of the following: counseling, rehabilitation, tutoring and classroom instruction for parents and for children; parenting and life skills training; job search assistance; mutually agreed goals and assistance in searching for permanent housing.

Families enrolled in Esplanade House may stay for up to two years, provided they continue to make progress towards their goals, are good neighbors, and remain free of any addictions which may have been crippling them. They receive ongoing review and support for Esplanade House staff.

Phase One: Intensive Daily Schedules

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Phase One of the Transitional Program offers adults an intense daily schedule of case management, life skills development classes, parent education and budgeting, nutrition, employment readiness skills, appropriate educational classes, substance abuse education as well as individual and family counseling. While the adults are working through their programs, children are provided with on-site daycare and after school programs.

The Child Development Center is a licensed daycare facility that meets the child care needs of resident children from infancy through age 5. There is infant/toddler care and pre-school activities that provide children with a safe and nurturing environment in which to thrive and learn. Linkage and coordination with the public schools is an important part of the children’s program. An after school program helps children achieve success in literacy, math, science and computer skills.

Phase Two: Supporting Residents to Self-Sufficency

Phase Two components focus on supporting residents that are participating in education and work training opportunities. Resident families are responsible for their apartments, pay their own utility bills and continue to meet with case managers and attend self development classes on site. Once they have completed Phase Two, families will be supported in the effort to obtain more permanent housing offsite.

The residents of Esplanade House share in housekeeping tasks such as general property cleanliness, and security. They live in close proximity to one another, and are, in fact, an extended family. The mutual affection that develops within the community is a sustaining and encouraging force, and for many residents this is their first experience of a sense of responsibility to the larger community.

For more information about the Esplanade House’s homeless transitional housing program, please call (530) 712-2600 and select option 4.